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The Beast has been released. Dedicated winter bait for which DT Baits are most famous for has been rolled for over 15 years.

Winter is here and it’s time to think carefully about the bait you will be using this winter if you’re brave enough to endure the elements including the long dark nights. For those of you unaware, a carp doesn’t have a stomach, it has a digestive tract. Making them voracious feeders when the conditions are favourable. Figures vary but it’s believed the biological optimum temperature for a carp’s digestion is said to be around 27 degrees. Drop that temperature by a considerable amount and that effective digestive tract becomes less than efficient when ingesting a large number of the baits used in the warmer months, due to the high levels of oils and fats used in their production.

There are a lot of baits that claim to be ‘All year round’ but given the massive changes in temperatures is this a reality? And does it give you the best chance of optimising your time on the bank? With those questions being a driving factor DT baits extensively researched and designed something we feel is a little different and even more effective. THE COLD WATER GREEN BEAST! Cold water green beast utilises milk proteins, whey powder and calf milk replacer(CMR). Two of those are widely known but what’s CMR? It’s a food grade additive rich in nutritional value used in the rearing of healthy calves in the cattle industry. Due to its nutrient dense makeup and profile it’s a firm favourite with carp ensuring they keep coming back for more.

On top of those quality feed additives is a little known but very effective and extensively tested feed trigger. These high quality additives give this bait a rounded, creamy profile aided by the addition of summer berry fruits and a subtle hint of menthol. We told you it was a little different! DT pushes the boundaries of keeping this bait coarse and textured where other companies would struggle to roll a bait of this consistency. This impressive texture allows optimum leakage of food signals, which is imperative in the colder months, when fats and oils congeal under cold temperatures making them ineffective. Coarse baits also aid the speed of transit through the fish’s digestive tract meaning the carp will be more likely to indulge, extending any feeding periods.

Cold water green beast is the finest example of a true winter bait. It accounts for large numbers of impressive captures every year through the colder months. So if you’re not a fair weather angler and intend to brave the harsh conditions this winter make sure to add Cold Water Green Beast to your arsenal.