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Bruno Šolaja

I'm Bruno and I come from a small town in Slovenia. My fishing story begins almost 20 years ago where as a child I watched my brother and other boys from our street fishing on a local river and normally I was not allowed to participate because the boys didn't let me. Then I started to explore the magic of fishing and catching small fish, which I did quite well. One day my brother invited me with him and we caught the first carp in my life and from that moment I fell in love with carp and now more than 15 years later, carp fishing is still going on.

I love to fish carp on all types of waters from commercial to the most demanding and non-hunting rivers you can find. I like to explore waters and I spend most of my time dreaming on the local river and of course on Bear Lake, In recent years I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time, sometimes 80-100 days and nights a year on the bank during which time I have caught some really many magnificent fish over 40lb.

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