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There couldn't be a better location for DT Bait Developments.....nestled in amongst some of Essex's fine carp waters, DT has four highly respected lakes surrounding the factory. The company has grown up in the heart and home of Carp fishing since 1988, and over that time built unsurpassed expertise in bait formulation and technology.

DT Bait Developments exists to serve the experienced carp angler with the highest quality baits possible. We put quality ahead of cost every time, and devote a lot of resources into finding the highest grade ingredients. By doing this, we maintain our deserved reputation for producing best-in-class bait.

DT was established in 1988 in the home of carp angling, and is one of the longest established carp bait brands in the market with almost 30 years experience. This depth of knowledge has enabled DT to pioneer many of the advances in carp bait, whilst having the time and resource to test each bait thoroughly.

Our success isn't down to huge marketing budgets or gimmicky ideas, instead we rely on our product to speak for itself on the bank. Many of our big carp anglers across the country have used the bait for decades

Recent Catches

Flag of France

A final fish from the trip to GRAVIERS for Peder and another stunning mirror. If you watched the monster carp series you’ll know this is not an easy water and takes a lot of time and dedication to get the swims working. This was just another one that couldn’t resist the 22MM cold water green beast! Excellent work as always Peder!

Recent Catches

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DTBAITOFFICIAL ANDREW GRENFELL Andrew recently returned from a trip to the mighty Gigantica with fishing slow Andrew did manage a few bites. Here’s what he had to say…. “Arriving for a week on Gigantica and coming out 7th in draw, I opted for Oblivion as had noticed the fish showing on the walk around. First night, with rods on spots from the bailiffs advice, I had an aborted take fishing at 28 wraps, but noted I was seeing fish on first light in much shorted range. Following a second quiet night, and a lot of liners, and again seeing fish shorter I dropped one rod shorter, at 16 wraps where I had twice seen fizzing, and moved the other two rods to slightly smaller areas at 26 wraps. 10 spombs of whole 15 & 22mm N blend, soaked in the DNA liquids, with a cold water pink hook bait over the top fished with amnesia D rig style to a size 4 BCR Rigga on the short spot, and knotless knot on the longer rods with Gardner size 4 Talons, and trap were set. The next morning after the liners stared after midnight, the middle rod at 16 wraps was away and eventually this beautiful fish, known as the resident slipped over the cord at 45lb! What a carp! I was blown away by the sheer length of it! The following night after pressing the reset button proved quiet, and I saw far less in short, but the other two rods did produce a pair of twenty pounders the following night, on what proved to be a very tricky weeks fishing”

Recent Catches

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Recent Catches

Flag of France

Matthew Donnelly has just returned from a special trip at Lepinet France. Finishing top rod for the week with this magnificent haul of 17 fish! 53lb common 48lb common 12 x 30lb + 3 x 20lb + All caught on DT Baits fish, blood and orange. Other anglers were so bemused Matthew kindly told the others his secret and gave 4 people some hookbaits as they were not catching and within 20 minutes all of them had 30's

Recent Catches

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ALAN CLARKE DT team member Alan has just returned for a successful trip across the water! After landing 27 fish here is what alan had to say… “Hi guys just a little up date of my week at Brittany forest lakes in France. After a nice easy drive to Plymouth to catch the ferry, we arrived to be greeted by an absolutely beautiful lake set in deep forestry. After a slowish start we started catching regularly over beds of FISH BLOOD AND ORANGE and SUPAFRUIT, house pellet and maize. Hook baits were mainly, fake corn soaked in a sweat sugary liquid, SILTBUSTA pop ups and SUPAFRUIT tipped with a homemade mini barrow wafter made with DTbaits flavours . We ended the trip catching 27 fish mostly over 20lb with the biggest at just over 33lb. Even my partner Sharon got in on the act and upped her pb at 25lb 6oz. Although the bigger fish eluded us it was a great week”

Recent Catches

Flag of France

Dave Atkiss Les Etangs de Chantereine Rig of choice d rig with DT Bait Developments boosted N Blend and N blend pop up on the spot baited it with 18/20mm chopped and whole Supa fruits and N Blend boilies Queen of the lake known as Y Scar @ 61lb

Recent Catches

Flag of France

Dave Atkiss Les Etangs de Chantereine Rig of choice d rig with DT Bait Developments boosted N Blend and N blend pop up on the spot baited it with 18/20mm chopped and whole Supa fruits and N Blend boilies Queen of the lake known as Y Scar @ 61lb



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