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Drago Šolaja

Hello I'm Drago and I'm in love with fishing but most of all with carp fishing, that's my passion. I started fishing as a child living in a town by the river. At first I just watched the fishermen catch fish, then one day a fisherman caught a carp and at that moment a passion and desire to fish developed in me. I joined the fishing family as a pioneer at the age of just eight years old - that’s when I started gaining experience and with that experience also came better results and bigger fish.

At the age of 14 I started flirting with modern carp and boilies. It was time to move to the local lake (Bear Lake) for new stories but the fishing technique was significantly different from the river, so I was again at the "beginning" although the desire was great and good people were happy to share knowledge. Over time I once again gained enough knowledge to start getting results. Back then it was still a lake with relatively "small" carp but over the years the carp grew and my experience grew as well. Today, I have over 25 years of fishing experience including 18 years of modern carp fishing, with many lakes in the Balkans visited and many 50lb+ fish caught. Now it’s my turn to share my knowledge further and make someone happy like I once I was.

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