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The PRO-PAC: the ultimate fishing power pack

BRANDOutlaw Pro


Why anglers are choosing the PRO-PAC

  • Extend your time at the bankside thanks to the 72000 mAh battery for extended use of the power pack.
  • Charge multiple different devices at once with numerous different ports on the power pack.
  • Use the PRO-PAC power pack to charge multiple items with 12V, 16.5V, 20V and 24V charging
  • PRO-PAC fast charges in just three to four hours
  • Have peace of mind with a completely waterproof casing for reassurance down on the bank
  • The PRO-PAC: the ultimate fishing power pack

Running low on phone battery is a problem no matter where you are, but when out on the bank this can be an issue. However, with the PRO-PAC this is now a thing of the past. With a 72000 mAh battery within the fishing power pack as well as various charging ports for computers, Bivvy Lights, mobile phones and so much more, this is the perfect item for any angler to have with them out on the bank.

Regardless of whether you are heading out fishing alone or heading out to the bank with your family for the first time, the PRO-PAC is one of the best carp fishing power pack on the market right now as it provides you with the power needed to do anything. Whether it be running a pump to fix a flat tyre or using the light feature on the front of the PRO-PAC to find a way back to your car after a long night of fishing, the PRO-PAC fishing power pack is an item that no angler should be heading to the bank without.

For the best bankside charging experience with the PRO-PAC

The PRO-PAC is the best carp fishing power pack for any angler to have out on the bank with them. With both wired and wireless charging capabilities as well as the ability to plug in and go with laptops and even your trusty Bivvy Light, you can make sure you are never left in the dark with the PRO-PAC in your kit.

The PRO-PAC: a unique wireless-charging experience

Though there are several unique selling points that come along with the PRO-PAC, the power safe management functionality on the power pack means that any devices that are fully charged will not have any unnecessary power going to them. This is beneficial for not only the longevity of your devices, but also prevention for the PRO-PAC overheating. In addition to this unique functionality, there is also two different light settings available on the PRO-PAC, both white and red, allowing you to have light whenever you need it, even in the dead of night.

In addition to this unique functionality, the PRO-PAC also features a neoprene case, with a small pocket in the front of the bag. This is big enough for a mobile phone allowing the PRO-PAC fishing power pack to charge your mobile phone whilst on the bank, allowing you to make sure you can stay connected and charged up for up to two weeks without the need of a mains plug.

Waterproof for the ultimate protection

With a waterproof and protective case, the PRO-PAC can withstand the wettest of swims, stormiest of nights and even those drink spillages at home that will no doubt occur when you realise just how multi-functional the PRO-PAC is – bring the bankside essential into your home.

Charging the PRO-PAC made simple

Charging the PRO-PAC could not be any easier! With several different adapters available as part of the PRO-PAC package you can charge it with ease through either the USB-C cable from a computer or a fast mains charger making it one of the best carp fishing power pack options for any angler. With charging from the mains taking a total of three to four hours as well as USB-C charging taking between five to six hours, you can have your PRO-PAC power pack charged and back up and running again for you to use whilst you are enjoying yet another day of fishing down on the bank.

Available direct from: Outlaw Pro
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