Product Focus


When the 20 or 45 doesn’t quite cut it, size up to the utoka 70 Tow. This cooler is perfect for casting off, can be used as a bench or seat and keeps cool for 5 days

The mighty tow 70 fits anything and everything. Perfect on the bankside keeping your supplies cool for up to 5 days. The chopping board divider allows you to split the cooler for separate uses – drink in one side, food in the other. Robust wheels allows ease of transport and its adaptability ensures it will suit every need.

Each cooler is supplied with a free accessory pack so you don’t need to invest in extras including a cup holder, chopping board divider and dry goods basket all which come as standard. There is even an integrated bottle opener.
The rugged locking system ensures a perfect seal every time and all coolers feature a patented ‘air relief’ button which allows a little ambient air to be introduced to the cooler to release the lid. As with all coolers the lid becomes really tight and tricky to open when the cooler is filled as cold air travels down and creates a vacuum which keeps the lid shut nice and tightly. The air relief button at the bottom of the cooler release just enough ambient air into the cooler to allow for easy opening. 

Rotomoulding is a manufacturing process used to create robust, high stability products with a uniform wall thickness and high quality finish.
The rotomoulding process ensures utoka coolers have fantastic ice retention by creating a double-walled structure with a consistent thickness. To be clear, there are 3 inches of insulation between the walls and a heavy gasket lid to reduce air flow – this is what keeps the ice cold!

From the one-piece construction to the ultra-thick insulation, utoka make coolers that are extremely strong, durable and built to last.


80 can capacity (70 quart / 66L)
Cool for up to 5 days
Lockable lid
Integrated bottle opener
Easy drain system
Tough rotomoulded build
Heavy duty rubber closures
Non slip feet
Tow along wheels for easy transportation
Cup holder
Chopping board divider
Dry goods basket

Weight: 17kg
External dims: 85cm (w) x 44cm (d) x 45cm (h)
Internal dims: 70cm (w) x 34cm (d) x 35cm (h)
Material: Rotomoulded LLDPE & Polyurethane foam