• Established: 1971
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From humble roots to today's top fishing technologies, this is a story of American ingenuity, passion and perseverance.

Revealing the water’s secrets to help anglers pursue their passion for the sport: it’s what we’ve done since the first fish finder we developed as Techsonic Industries in 1971, and it’s what we’ll always do.

From flashers to LCDs, analog to digital and DualBeam sonar to MEGA Imaging+™, the past five decades have seen tremendous change at Humminbird.

Starting with best-in-class sonar and depth finders, our innovations have grown to include marine GPS, LakeMaster® mapping, radar and full boat control integration.

Whether you’re an experienced tournament angler who depends on your SOLIX® units to make every minute and bite count, or using your HELIX® fish finder to make the most of the time on the water with family or friends, count on us to help you find the best fishing spots faster and explore the water with confidence.



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