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  • Established: 1998
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Enterprise Tackle was formed as a company in 2003, but we actually started producing a range of products five years earlier in 1998.

I started working for my fathers company Enterprise Moulding Developments Ltd in 1982, training as a mould/tool maker, and over the years built up a good knowledge of plastics and mould design.

In 1998 whilst fishing on the River Great Ouse, I lost a huge perch when it made one final dive just as I was about to net it. My hooklink had parted where it attached to the main line with a four turn water knot. I was so gutted I was determined to design something that allowed me to fish a paternoster leger set up straight through without the weak point of a knot. Within a week I had made a mould, produced samples and tested our first product the Adjuster-Link. Soon after I designed the Paste-Mate, an idea that came about through missing bites whilst chub fishing, moulding cheese paste directly around the hook. This product solved the problem of missed bites by allowing most of the hook to remain exposed from the hard ball of paste.



Enterprise Tackle's imitation bait range - great for big carp!

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Tie the perfect Combi Rig - ideal for big carp

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