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  • Established: 2011
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At Atomic we are 100% dedicated to serious Carp Anglers. Anglers that understand and think about the products they use. We are the much needed alternative to the mainstream brands where the discerning angler is looking for nothing but quality and reliability, not flashy adverts and outrageous claims; hence the strap line No Hype.

We have a reputation for non-fussy, well thought out premium products. The Sharpest hooks, the most reliable lead clips, the ultimate catapults and the king of hooklinks to name a few, an unrivalled reputation that has been forged by many well known Carp anglings . These guys have put their faith and trust in Atomic products for one reason. Atomic products will never let them down!



Atomic Tackle Bare Bak uncoated braided Hooklink

Atomic Tackle Stiffun Hooklink

Atomic Jel E Wyre

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How To

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