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Korda’s carp anglers manufacture superior quality tackle for fellow carp fishers. In the Korda team there is serious amount of experience and if we added it up in years to create a carp fisherman, it would be one wrinkly, old chap.

There is no other carp fishing company in the industry comprising such a magnificent team of carp anglers. Even the telephone operators are dedicated carp fanatics.

We are all out fishing for carp every day; either tying up rigs for our next trip, photographing magazine contents for all the top carp fishing magazines or out in pursuit for that next monster.

Each carp fishing item has been designed for a reason, unlike many. Our ethos is that we are innovators and create to help the carp angler, not just to make sales.

With such a respected team of capable carp anglers, each product goes through a long, fieldtesting stage to iron any early teething problems. Not just Korda employees but also the Korda carp fishing team get to use it too – and with names such as Simon Scott, Darrell Peck and Gareth Fareham on board, you know that they'll perfect for the job, and ultra reliable.

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The ingredients for a successful session and vlog are there! Over twenty kilos of common carp plus many other beautiful fish. There is certainly no shortage of action and carp in Kevin Vlogt 16, which is now online! Fishing on Lac Du Grand Tarnaud in France, @kevindiederen is enjoying a successful autumn trip, the necessary luxury and not to forget good company. Those seem like the perfect ingredients for a fun vlog! You can check out the latest 'Carp Fishing Kevin Vlogt #16: Luxury Fishing in France' on Youtube now!

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KORDA christopher_paschmanns The greatest fish for the camera from the latest movie on @korda_germany YouTube channel and a perfect moment for the very Crew

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Could you use some inspiration, information, tips or tricks for the upcoming weekend? Last year Danny and Darrell set out for the waterfront with a camera crew and clear aim. And that was to capture all their knowledge about autumn fishing in an informative Masterclass. From the favorite rigs to line lay and from cutting choice to feeding... The men have no secrets and show what has made them successful for many years. Regardless of the experience you already have, the waters you fish or the amount of time you have at your disposal. The Masterclass videos are filmed in such a way that there is useful information for everyone that will help to get more carp on the side. . Check out the Autumn Masterclass (Carp Fishing) now on YouTube and take advantage of it this weekend!

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Flag of France

kordaofficial Ready Tied Rig Success For Harry Gould ! On his annual trip to France, @hharlandg enjoyed a solid week’s angling, landing 11 fish from 11 bites, ALL taken on size 6 ready tied chod sections. Harry fished these as hinge stiff rigs, using 9-inch N Trap Booms and Hybrid Lead Clips. @mainlinebaitsofficial Milky Toffee Pop-Ups were weighted down with large blobs of Dark Matter Putty to ensure the rig stayed pinned to the bottom and would not waft around when carp fed on the spot. Harry fished all three rods in a tennis court sized zone at 23 wraps, where he baited a big spread of 15 and 18mm Cell boilie, topping up with 200 baits after each bite. 'I wanted rigs that I knew would always present and wouldn't tangle and I have so much confidence in a hinge presentation. I used to tie my own, but the ready tied rigs are just so convenient, and I have 100% confidence in their ability. From 11 bites, I landed every fish and each one was nailed’

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The BIG CARP season has begun! Fall is the best time to get a new PB! . As the leaves fall, the carp gain weight. So the chances of getting a really big carp or even beating your personal best are higher than ever.

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@ jacken666 has been on a 48 hour trip to his syndicate water and experienced a really sensible fishing, topped by a new personal record and sea record - a super mirror carp of no less than 19.4 kg Richard used Helisafe systems and spins rich with size 4 Chlorine hooks. Well fished Richard

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@the.tattooed.fisherman has just been on a 4 day trip - after two days where the carp were not in place, the fishing started in style and Tonnie having 5 fish on land during the last 48 hours between 11, kg and 17.4kg! Korda finished 7.5 ”booms combined with Wide Gape X loops size 6 hooked and landed safely all 5 carp. Tonnie used 16mm boilies combined with liquid maize boosted in Supreme almond Goo from @kianacarpgoo as a hook bait fished over a large mixed particle feeding.

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Julien Blot made an anthology fishery during the annual Korda sales social. He caught no fewer than 4 fish over 30 kilos in the same week with his new PB at 32 + as a bonus!! The edit used consisted of a piece of Hybrid Stiff and a KLOR all the way from a Cork Wafter Link! What a week!!!

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If somehow you didn’t know, SPOONERS Vlog goes live today at 5pm over on the Korda Official YouTube Channel and features a few special guests! . Danny came out midway in the draw for the Main Lake but put his faithful tactics to work in “Baxter’s” and caught straight from the off! His favourite Klor Loops and Booms Combi Rig (we will have a video soon) coupled with Wafters over a big bed of bait was the winning tactic and ensuring he was fishing super accurately was the key to success! . The vlog is full of laughs and carp so make sure you sit down this evening with a brew and enjoy the trip with the lads! . Happy Sunday!

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If you have managed to sit down and watch the latest instalment of Spooners Vlog, you would have seen the epic session that @ju_blot had whilst on the social! With carp to over 70lb, Julien smashed the Beach swim on the Main Lake and took home the trophy! Well done Julien and congratulations on the NEW PB’s!



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