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  • Established: 1967
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Born in Rayleigh, Essex in 1955, Kevin Nash was at the heart of carp fishing and by 1978 he’d set up his own company called Happy Hooker Tackle selling carp sacks. In 1984 he changed the name to Kevin Nash Tackle and in 2004 it was switched to Nash Tackle.

It was in 1992 though that he had his eureka moment: the Titan bivvy, a shelter which has gone on to become one of the most successful bivvies of all time. Kevin Nash also owns Nashbait, rolling in excess of 1,000 tonnes a year.

Nash’s offices now incorporate showrooms, warehousing, a patio that over looks a small lake and of course there’s The Copse and Church Lake – home to English sixty-pounders.

Recent Catches

Flag of Croatia

Another huge catch on Scopex Squid bait

Recent Catches

Flag of Germany

A fat fifties at the end of the year ?! @floh_wu recently caught this dreamy winter fish on a Citruz popup with maggots on the Ronnie-Claw!

Recent Catches

Flag of Belgium

THE NASH TACKLE 2021 HIGHLIGHTS: 1/10 Stay tuned everyday as we count down the top 10 highlights of the year 2021 saw NashBait take over Belgium, being responsible for the capture of the 3 largest carp in the country! If ever you needed re-assuring on what a good quality bait can do then look no further; unreal result and a selection of monstrous carp that are out of this world A huge congratulations to the guys behind the captures: @ruud_schoefs_nashtackle, @matheusfishandtags and @mark_pansar_nashtackle

Recent Catches

Flag of France

Great photo, atmosphere and fish for Xavier Oswald. A nice end to the season for him with catching several fish caught on a Scopex Squid/Citruz combo

Recent Catches

Flag of Netherlands

A deep-bellied mirror for @marco_tetteroo_nt A Citruz Cultured hookbait fished over a bed of Citruz pellet, Flake and maggots all coated in the matching Citruz Spod Syrup tempting this cold water chunk

Recent Catches

Flag of Croatia

Adaptation of fishing and baits at this time are key to the move and this was shown in one of Peter's campaigns

Recent Catches

Flag of Germany

NASHGERMANYAUSTRIA Autumn showed its good side for @fra_nzro this year! How is / was it going for you?

Recent Catches

Flag of Slovenia

OFFICIALNASHBAIT @nahtigalgasper_ridzi_nt with an epic, dark common A white Citruz Wafter presented over a bed of Boilie and Particle doing the business

Recent Catches

Flag of Austria

OFFICIALNASHBAIT A chunky autumnal common for @reinhardstretto_nt A Scopex Squid Cultured Pop-Up over a bed of mixed size Scopex Squid boilies doing the business

Recent Catches

Flag of Slovenia

NASHTACKLE_SLOVENIA A comprehensive vellum skier who decided to feast on a feed consisting of Scopex Squid baits



Nash Titan Bivvy Range

Nash Waterboxes

Nash ZT Clothing

Nash Micro Dot Spod

Nash Zig Screws

The Shrinker

Nash Gazebo Range

Nash Indulgence Sleep Systems

Nash MF60 Sleep Systems

The Nash Base Camp

New Pinpoint Hooks - The Chod Claw.

Ready Tied Rigs Session

The Hook Doctor

SCOPE REELS - Nash Tackle


NASH TACKLE - Scope Ops Luggage

NASH - TRAX Power Barrow

Nash Titan T1 Camo

Citruz Range with Max Hendry



Nash Tackle Scope Rods

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Hooklink Materials for Carp Fishing

SkinLink - Nash Tackle coated braid hooklink material

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Low and High Loader Carryall

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Indulgence Moon Chair

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ZT 5 Panel Caps

ZT Elements and Subterranean Hoodies

ZT Hat Scarf and Glove Set

ZT Husky Fleece

ZT Husky Hat and Neck Warmer

ZT Packdown Jacket and Trousers

Re-Verse Hybrid Down Jacket

ZT Thermal Socks

ZT Mac Waterproofs

Polar Second Skins + Polar Second Skin All In One

Caribou Parker, Trousers and Trapper Hat

The Nash Wasp Indicator

Siren R3 Alarms

Nash Waxed Bait Floss

Nash Titan TC

Nash Indulgence Ultralite Chair

Magnetic Bivvy Hook

Scope Black Ops Car Seat Covers

Quick Change Uni Ring Swivel

Heavy Duty Mono Snag leader

Plastic Bait screws

Nash Tackle - Casting Glove

Nash Titan Bivvy Range

Scope Rod Skins

Scope 3 Rod Connect

Scope RT Pack

4 and 5 Season Indulgence Sleep Systems

KNX Luggage Range

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Scope Air Lite Bed and Shroud

Scope Black Ops Buzz Bars and Bank Sticks

Carp Care - Carp Sack

Carp Care - High Protection Beanie Mat

Carp Care - Kaptive Retainer Sling

Carp Care - Air Cradle

Scope Abbreviated Rods

Nash Pursuit Rod Range

Surface Controller Float - Nash Bolt Machines

Heavy Duty Lead Clip

Nash Clothing - Heavy & Lite Combats

Siren Snag Ears

BLACK OPS ASSAULT PACK - Alan takes us through the Scope Black Ops SL Assault Pk

Alan Blair talks us through the Scope Black Ops SL Patrol Pack.

Nash Wash Bag

Nash Security Pouch Large

Nash Polarised Sunglasses - Seeing is Believing

Simple, space efficient storage with the Nash Stuff Sacks

Carp Fishing Indication - Siren Slap Heads

Nash Tackle Indulgence Bedchairs and Accessories

Chod Rig Fishing - Nash TT Chod Heli Kits with Alan Blair

NASH TT Chod Twister Hooks and Chod-Link Hook Link for Chod Rig Carp Fishing

NASH TT Combilink Armourlink Clingers Cling-On Tungsten Liquid

Carp Fishing Tackle Nash Indulgence Tallboy Bedchair and Sleep System

Siren R4 Bite Alarms - The Ultimate Carp Fishing Bite Indicator

On Location


The Last Frontier - Big Carp Fishing at Lake Orellana, Spain

Crossing Borders 2 - Big European Carp Roadtrip

The Source - Big Carp Hunting - Samir and Claire Arebi

Catching Spain’s Biggest Carp - In Search of Giants - Samir Arebi and Henry Lennon

The Social 4 - Carp Fishing at Lake Bled

How To

NASH TRAX POWER BARROW - How to Set Up A Nash Trax Power Barrow