• Established: 2005
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The year was 2005 and Baitworks was born in Mark’s parents’ garage with just £500 saved from his job selling insulation, which he hated. These humble embers ignited and Baitworks has flourished into a well established, thriving bait business that continues to grow.

As a little boy Mark was always fishing, living and breathing it from the age of 8. Making homemade paste baits was always a fascination of his, mixing ingredients that he found in his mother’s kitchen! It was from that early age, catching chub on homemade paste baits, that a future bait baron was learning his trade.

When Mark discovered carp at the age of 10 a whole new world of flavour profiles and bait ingredients opened up. Now he was making boilies at home, still in his mum’s kitchen, much to her annoyance! These mixes caught well and he was soon supplying some of his close friends with secret, under-the-counter hook baits and boilies. It was then that the fire was well and truly lit and the learning process picked up pace.

In order to provide a truly premium product, Baitworks began selling direct to you, the customer, from early on. Cutting out the middleman allowed Mark to formulate the best quality baits, with the finest ingredients, at a price that simply wouldn’t have been possible had he supplied the retail trade. All the other bait compaines have to make their bait and a profit at a much lower cost price than Baitworks has to. Because of this, Baitworks can operate using higher quality ingredients and stimulants.

Recent Catches

Flag of France

@gareth.fareham and @northernmonkey01 recently headed off on a new adventure. This time the road trip was focussed on a French public, 100 acre, day only venue. Timing wasn't quite right this time as the guys endured some tricky weather with cold, strong NE winds all week, clear skies, a frost and mega high pressure. Despite the weather being far from ideal, hard graft prevailed in the end and they managed 12 bites in all from 5 days fishing. All bites coming to big, hand rolled 24/22mm Royal Marine/White Hell Snowmen Hook baits over a few kilos of 18mm Marine/Creamino boilies and a few handfuls of @dankilgours tigers. Well done guys, mega efforts all round!



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