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Here at Wychwood we design and produce some of the most innovative and effective products currently being sold within the market today. We invest a huge amount of time designing, testing and manufacturing products to ensure that they as good as they can be.

With over 25 years of producing fishing tackle to work from, we recognize that carp anglers come from all walks of life and that regardless of you budget, carp fishing is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life. We produce kit that we believe will help you not only catch more fish, but help you indulge your passion.

Working closely with TEAMWychwood, our crew of experienced anglers who fish the length and breadth of the UK and beyond, we’re constantly aiming to redefine the tackle available to anglers who first and foremost want great value for money without compromising performance. Products like the simple Slug bobbin system sit alongside products such as our flagship 301-series rods and the amazing D-ploy shelter system.

We believe that no matter if you’ve only just started carp fishing or have a lifetime of carpy stories behind you, there’s a Wychwood product that will help you get maximum enjoyment from your time on the bank and as we all know, enjoyment is what carp fishing is all about.

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AUTUMN EURO TIP “head to the river”. To finish of our week of autumn tips We asked one of our European team members @thomas.carpfishing to give us a few words of advice .. “Autumn is a very exciting time for me as it’s a great time to catch big river carp here in Europe the fish are very active and it’s a time I’ll always opt to use a big quantity of bait, when it comes to finding fish I’ll be looking for deeper areas mostly opting to fish right out in the middle of the river bed .. one particular autumn night spent on the Moselle river with a few friend came good ,Arriving after them I jumped strait in the zodiac dingy dropping my lines in the deeper part of the river and baited with 2kg of pure boil per rod. my two extricators are in place and my riots are ready to do battle. Before I even manage to eat any of my food the rod was away and I had a catfish to start l, I re placed the rods and the second ones away. On contact I can feel it’s a big carp . 15 minutes of fighting later this amazing common was mine so if you fish in Europe this autumn don’t ignore the river !”



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