Fishing in Slovenia

Licences & Regulations


Licences are required to fish in Slovenia. Fortunately obtaining these is relatively simple and licences for most waters are available to buy online here

Getting your license is straightforward. You simply need to know the name of the river that you want to visit and you and can make the transaction. The website is back up with great service so if you have any doubts or queries, you can chat with customer support directly.

The price of the license differs from one river to the other. If you are looking for a deal, it is good to consider the package deals. The website also offers reduced prices from time to time, so be on the lookout.


The fishing community in Slovenia follows the rules which are dictated by the state. And strict adherence to the rule book on fishing is mandatory.

  • Anyone that falls under the category of a tourist fisherman must purchase a daily fishing license.
  • Carp fishing licenses are not transferable as they are official documents.
  • Day licenses are valid from dawn to dusk, and night licenses are valid from dusk to dawn.
  • There is no license that is valid for 24 hours although multiple day licences are available.
  • You can only fish with one rod. On rare occasions where you can use two rods, it will be clearly mentioned on the license.
  • Using nets to catch the fish, using live fish as baits, and keeping the live fish are strictly forbidden.
  • You must furnish all the details of your catch to the fishing family.
  • When you reach your daily limit of fishing, you must stop fishing for the day. The daily fishing limit varies from one fishing family to the other.

To learn more about the details of the rules, click here.


The climate of Slovenia makes it an ideal place to fish throughout the most part of the year. However, the best season to go carp fishing is from April till November.

Carp fishing in most commercial areas is allowed throughout the year although it is prohibited when the waters are frozen and during the spawning season.

For more specific information consult the fishing family or the valid license.


Ribiske Karte (Licences)


+386 (0)31 441 175

Slovenia Fishing Information


Check List

  • Fishing Licence (see above)
  • Photo ID
  • Travel Insurance - we recommend these providers

If you are driving:

  • Green Card (Insurance) - contact your insurer
  • Driving licence
  • Vehicle Log Book
  • GB Sticker (unless GB identifier is on your number plate)
  • Be aware of road tolls & charges - see here for details

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