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Formed in early 2014, RidgeMonkey® is a think tank of like-minded anglers, striving to bring to market a range of thoughtful products that make a difference. In a short time the company has grown from a single idea to a multichannel retailer, selling a top quality and fully encompassing range of terminal tackle, mainlines, powerpacks, gadgets, gizmos and everything in between allowing the everyday angler to take their fishing to the very next level, and more importantly at a competitive price.

Regardless of whether RidgeMonkey is developing an existing idea or innovating a completely new one, all products go through a rigorous testing stage and nothing is ever released until it’s 100% right. In the rare instance of a product which hasn’t quite met the expected standards, customer care is paramount and the brand will do everything possible to provide a solution, along with rigorous ongoing quality control measures.

The RidgeMonkey® team is always keen to listen to feedback from the angler out on the bank and take it very seriously when looking to further improve existing items or even when relaying new concepts. The core team is always striving to improve products and service to you, the customer.

Catering for everyone from complete novices to experienced carp anglers, specimen anglers or outdoor enthusiast alike, RidgeMonkey aims to be at the forefront of innovation and development for many years to come. The brand has plenty of new products in the pipeline which can only be described as game changers, and RidgeMonkey is certain these will find a place in all carp anglers’ armouries.

With a consultancy and testing team that stretches the length and breadth of Europe and beyond, covering all aspects of coarse fishing, there has never been a better time to invest in RidgeMonkey branded products – the choice of champions.

Recent Catches

Flag of France

A massive gravel mirror that we present with Joie Hervé, the tackle ridge again put to the test and concluding on these big fish!

Recent Catches

Flag of France

Cold.... We're coming back in a difficult time with this cold and it's more than important to choose your clothes, tackles and meals well. Come discover or rediscover our entire range in your usual stores. Arnaud, he's giving us a winter blanket

Recent Catches

Flag of France

Massive miroire Notre consultant Baptiste vous présente une grosse miroire du domaine public. Le tackle RidgeMonkey à était mis à rude épreuve. Un montage simple réalisé à l'aide du Fluorocarbon Spectre 20lbs et d'un hameçon APE-X Continental taille 4 auras eu raison de cette miroire.

Recent Catches

Flag of France

RIDGEMONKEY Guess the weight of this Abbey Lakes beast caught by our man @dan.hawkes

Recent Catches

Flag of France

RIDGEMONKEY_FRANCE HERVÉ presents today this long mirror weighing more than 24 kg with this pretty winter pigment, a fish caught with the new ApeX hook range which seduces the latter.

Recent Catches

Flag of Spain

Ridgemonkey We all raised a small glass of Estrella to @ximpi_ this week after he landed the Spanish record carp at just under 80lb.⁠ Big Mamma was slightly down in weight at 35.3 kilos, but the smile on Marc's face has not left him, that's for sure.⁠ He landed the chunk from a lake in the Extremadura region of western Spain during a holiday. ⁠ Our man used a method that carpers back home are very familiar with – solid bags.⁠ He went with a small Disperse PVA bag packed with stick mix and maggots, a section of SubZero leader and a rig made with a size 6 Ape-X Straight Point hook and a six-centimetre section of 25lb CamoX soft coated hooklink.⁠ Hookbait was two pieces of fake corn and maggots.⁠ Congratulations, @ximpi_ , from everyone at RidgeMonkey. ⁠

Recent Catches

Flag of France

Autumn is now settled well and the first big fish are already falling

Recent Catches

Flag of France

Apex... Arnaud is also a fan of our new hats. Take a look at our resellers and you will find your happiness.

Recent Catches

Flag of France

Instant fish The new tackle range Riggmonkey offers you can allow you to be self-contained in all types of fisheries...

Recent Catches

Flag of Italy

Great to hear from RidgeMonkey Team Italy's Filippo Ponticelli following a session on Parco Del Brenta which produced this nice 35lb 8oz mirror.⁠ Filippo put our new Connexion range to good use. He tied a simple rig with a size 4 Ape-X Beaked Point hook and a short section of 25lb soft coated hooklink in a Disperse PVA bag.⁠ Fillipo is also a big fan of our new Spectre fluorocarbon hooklink; stealthy enough to be almost invisible on the bottom, yet strong enough to cope with the hardest-fighting fish. Check out our new range at your tackle shop.



RidgeMonkey Pola-Flare Maverick and Seeker (Polarised Glasses)

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RidgeMonkey MarkaPole and MarkaLite Range

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RidgeMonkey Hunter 750 Bait Boat for fishing *PREVIEW*

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RidgeMonkey RotaBlock Marker for Carp Fishing

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Product Focus - RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Ape-X Fishing Hook Range

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Compact Bucket System 7.5L

Combi Pan & Steamer Set

RidgeMonkey Dropback APEarel - Winter Clothing Range

Bivvy Lite & Multi Lite Plus

RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Transmit Spod & Marker Braid!

Connect Multi-Purpose Pan and Griddle Set

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RM-Tec Rock Bottom Tungsten Coated Hooklink

LX Bath Towel and Weatherproof Shower Caddy

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RidgeMonkey Nite Glo Bait Spoon & RidgeMonkey Nite Glo Bait Spoon

Perspective Collapsible Bucket

CarpTV take a closer look at the RidgeMonkey Connect Combi Set

The Floss Available Now!

Product Focus: Multi Lite Plus

RidgeMonkey GorillaBox Tech Cases

RidgeMonkey CoZee Bucket Seat

RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Range - Mike Bridges

RM-Tec Leadfree & Ultra Fine Splicing Needles - Dave Levy

RidgeMonkey GorillaBox Combi Case - Jay Cater

RidgeMonkey GorillaBox Toaster Cases - Jay Cater

RidgeMonkey Plates, Cutlery & Towel

RidgeMonkey - Multi Tool

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RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Braided Mainline with Dave Levy

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