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  • Established: 1949
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In 1988 we introduced what has become a milestone in angling, ‘Kryston Multi-Strand’ the world’s first high strength hook-length. Made entirely from Spectra the world’s strongest fibre this legendary product became the catalyst for all future carp rigs and their development paving the way forward to what we use today.

Since our conception we have consistently led the field by developing further groundbreaking products. By using the latest technology, techniques and materials combined with research and development we remain at the forefront of specialist hook-length design. Many of our innovations are revolutionary and unique, and when used correctly can make all the difference between success and failure. Because of their outstanding reputation our traditional specialist hook-lengths such as Silk-worm, Merlin and Super Nova are used by the tens of thousands and acclaimed world-wide. Even more impressive is the track record of our invention the ‘anti-tangle hook-length’. Snake-bite, Super Mantis and Quick-silver Gold have broken the carp world record not just once but an astonishing ten times! The British, European, and World Carp Championships have all been won on numerous occasions by anglers using Kryston.

In fact Kryston hook-lengths have broken more National and International records than any other single brand on sale, so it’s hardly surprising that the world’s finest carp anglers endorse them as testament to their effectiveness and reliability. Forward thinkers such as these, plus thousands of others, insist on using only the very best. These are just a few reasons why we are the world leaders in presentation.



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