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  • Established: 1980
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Gardner Tackle has been manufacturing quality carp fishing and specialist fishing tackle for 40 years. Founded in 1980 and as one of the original carp tackle companies we have been at the head of carp angling innovation and design.

We are still a family run business and the ethos of producing ground-breaking carp fishing tackle that is high quality and reliable has never been diluted. Every member of the company lives and breathes all things carp fishing related. From the moment we wake (and even while we sleep!) carp and their capture are at the forefront of our minds.

This translates itself into the continual development and refining of our carp focused product ranges. And with a dedicated carp fishing team, that includes some of the most well respected carp anglers in the country, you can be sure that each product has been tested to the extreme and meets the exacting standards that we strive for.

Recent Catches

Flag of Belgium

GT Benelux team leader, Chris Vandenhaute with an unmistakable , and rather large Rainbow Common! With the lake littered with Snags and obstacles making for some extreme yet interesting angling, it's a must that your kit and end tackle are up to the job. Chris's set-up consisted of Hydro Sink Braided Mainline, a long length of Sure Shock leader, and a rig constructed using a Vigilante hooklink in 35 lb and a stepped up, Covert Dark Continental Mugga hook in a size 2!



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