Ultimate Carp Nutrition

  • Established: 2006
  • Categories:  Tackle  Bait  Luggage  Clothing  Boats  Power  Fish Finders  Motors  Other 

Since 2006 UCN have been known for their superior & innovative carp baits, being the markets first company to supply advanced Enzyme active baits, leading to the captures of huge carp from the UK and across Europe.

Dean Cowell and Pete 'B' originally founded UCN. The 2019 rebirth sees a brand new Enzyme revolution. After Peter suffered a stroke and realising that life is so precious and totally unpredictable, Dean has now taken over and is more determined than ever before to uphold Peters' legacy & values and to take carp bait nutrition and attraction to a whole new level. UCN will ensure the discerning angler gets the highest level carp food available, coupled with the very best in instant attraction.

Some 13 years ago UCN produced the Enzyme boilie and the outstanding Moon range of boilies, All of which held their own against any commercial bait at the time. Fast forward to 2019 and we bring you the Amazing Liquid'E' & into 2020 we bring you our Moonfruit Active Boilies. All our products being fuelled by Deans passion and his life's quest to uphold the UCN legacy of supplying superior baits that simply catch more carp.



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